Topic Selection

80% of Content Marketing Is Picking The Right Topic

If you use data to choose topics and craft the right headline, your content is far more likely to be successful. The most common content marketing mistake we see is choosing topics that are too broad. Overly broad topics result in competing for attention with the biggest companies in your industry. We recommend creating content focused on more specific customer pain points. Ideally, you want to find topics that are specific enough for you to be competitive, but still have enough interest to generate traffic and leads. 

At Demand Stack, we use a range of tools to analyze the popularity and competitiveness of potential content topics. This allows us to help clients find the right topics for future articles and resources.

The Complete Content Marketing Process

Creating content that delivers results requires a more holistic process. We start by determining objectives. Will this content be used to rank and generate SEO traffic, as a PPC landing page, or for email marketing? Or all of the above? Once objectives are set, we perform research on the topic and determine relevant search volume.

After the content is created, we execute our promotion strategy based on the established objectives. Most importantly, after the content is created, we analyze its performance.  

Rethink Content

Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Keyword-targeted articles are a great way to improve marketing performance. We recommend this tactic as part of a comprehensive content strategy, but you can't stop there. There is a growing selection of AI content generation tools that are quickly turning articles into a commodity. This means you need to create innovative content that automated tools can't replicate. Creating more unique resources also improves SEO performance and differentiates your brand. Below are a few examples of this approach to content. 


Multi-Channel Content Promotion Campaigns

If you've invested significant time in creating fantastic content, investing in promotion is where you see the returns. We leverage a wide variety of marketing channels to ensure the intended audience gets engaged. Below are some of the channels we use.

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Press release
  • Direct outreach to journalist