Coordinated Campaigns Across Multiple Platforms

We use integrations and automation to sync audiences and targeting across multiple paid media platforms. We can define target audiences in a single system and sync those audiences to Google Ads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. 

This allows us to deliver a strategic series of messages to different segments at scale.

How We Measure Success

Our Approach to Campaign Goals and Measurement

Establishing KPIs and success metrics is a critical early step in our paid media process.  

First, we analyze your business model and conversion rates to determine your average customer value. This allows us to determine what we can pay per conversion. Then we ensure tracking and reporting are configured correctly and that stakeholders trust the numbers.


Automation and Machine Learning For Superior Performance

Our campaigns begin with a thorough understanding of how much each new customer is worth. 

Then we optimize our campaigns to purchase clicks with the lowest cost and highest probability of converting to a customer. To do this, we analyze your CRM data, filter the best-performing leads, and feed that data to Google Ads' machine-learning algorithms. By doing this, we incentivize Google to serve ads to users that have a higher probability of becoming customers.