Growth Strategy

Consistent Growth Requires Trustworthy Reporting

In order to grow your marketing budget, you need to prove to executives that the investment is paying off. Generating accurate ROI reporting requires coordinating data across your campaigns, website, CRM, and data warehouse. We have extensive experience automating these processes to make reporting easier. We can build executive-level reporting on the following platforms:

  • Google Data Studio
  • Domo
  • Power BI
  • Tableau

Google Analytics 4

If you're frustrated by Google Analytics 4, we can help.

Moving from Google's Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 has been frustrating for a lot of companies. The default reports, user experience, and conversion tracking have changed significantly. Below are a few of the ways we help marketing teams create the metrics and reports they need.

  • Creating custom collections and report creation.
  • Custom event tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4.
  • Tracking conversions on Ajax-powered forms.
  • Developing custom metrics and dimensions.
  • Using the Google Analytics 4 API to send custom event data.

Attribution Tracking

Accurate Data From Campaigns To Your CRM

Populating your CRM with accurate data from your campaigns can be complicated, but it's critical for long-term success. Sending the right data to your CRM makes your sales team more effective and helps to ensure you can deliver ROI reporting your management team can trust. Our analytics and data services cover a variety of tasks including:

  • Custom development to populate forms with the right campaign data.
  • Pre-processing form data to better map to CRM or CDP fields.
  • Configuring Zapier or writing custom code to send data to your CRM.