Content Strategy

Value-Added Resources That Improve Engagement

Email is a powerful marketing channel that provides the opportunity to send personalized messages directly to a subscriber's inbox. Our email marketing strategy is centered on providing useful information to your subscribers and building long-term relationships with your audience. 

We do this by creating innovative content that adds real value for subscribers, and combining that with great design, eye-catching visuals, and compelling copy,


Dynamic Segments Based on Data, Not Guessing

We use CRM, customer data platforms (CDPs), and data warehouses to support the development of your segmentation strategy. Effective segmentation allows you to send more personal and relevant content to each segment, and increase conversion rates at each stage of your pipeline.

Our process starts with a deep understanding of your target market, personas, and existing segments. Then we use data-driven methods to fine-tune your segmentation strategy. As your campaigns run, we continue to analyze the effectiveness of segments in order to continually improve performance.


Email Software We Support

We have experience with a wide range of email marketing platforms so we can optimize your email marketing processes as if we were a part of the team.


We have extensive experience building templates, drip campaigns, and integrations with MailChimp.

Hubspot Marketing

We have helped a number of companies with optimizing Hubspot marketing processes. We can create templates, automate processes, and build integrations.


Sendgrid is one of our favorite email platforms. We can provide development support for marketing or transactional emails. We can also build templates and automate campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns

We love Zoho Campaigns. It's what we use for our own campaigns. We can assist with template creation and automated drip campaigns.