Sitebulb is a website crawler and technical audit tool that was founded in 2017. The software allows you to schedule recurring audits and maintains an audit history to see trends and changes. The Sitebulb crawler also renders JavaScript using Chromium to render content the same way Google does. 

In addition to crawling, Sitebulb offers audit reports that prioritize the most important technical SEO issues impacting performance, and a robust set of reporting tools. Use the default reports or generate your own custom PDFs tailored to your audience's needs.

Product Highlights

JavaScript Crawling

The Sitebulb crawler uses Chromium so it can audit JavaScript rendering the same way Google does. This is an import feature for headless websites built using frameworks like React, Vue, or Next JS.

Technical Recommendations

In addition to crawling, Sitebulb identifies technical issues that can negatively affect your SEO performance. Examples include broken links, web pages blocked from indexing, html errors, canonical url issues, and more. The tool prioritizes these issues so you can act on the most important issues first.

Audit History

Compare current audit reports against audits run in the past to see what's changed, and how important technical metrics are trending.
Custom Reports Product Image

Custom Reports

Sitebulb features a wide variety of default reports including, structured data audits, indexability, duplicate content, hreflang audits, and more. You can also customize every element of the software's PDF reports.
Content Extraction (Scraping) Product Image

Content Extraction (Scraping)

Sitebulb features a point-and-click content extraction tool that allows you to include specific elements as structured data in your crawler output. This can be used to identify changes in pricing, comment counts, dates, or author names.

SEO Software Features

  • Architecture Visualizations
  • Custom Reports
  • JavaScript Audit
  • Technical Site Audit

Available Plans

Desktop Lite


10,000 URLs per audit

Desktop Pro


500,000 URLs per audit

Cloud Small


Best for consultants or small teams

Cloud Large


SEO Software Features

  • Architecture Visualizations
  • Custom Reports
  • JavaScript Audit
  • Technical Site Audit