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Summary and Monthly Cost

Because minimizing expense is the focus of this stack, let's jump right into the cost. Here is a breakdown of the plans and their associated price:

  • Zoho Social Start Plan: $15
  • MailerLite Growing Business Plan: $9
  • Webflow Basic: $18
  • Zoho CRM Standard: $20
  • Google Analytics: $0
  • Google Optimize: $0

This adds up to a monthly cost of $52 per month. This provides a lot of value over a completely free marketing stack. This stack won't require you to mess with any self-hosted software and server infrastructure. It also provides similar, and in some cases, better features. 

Since this is a general, budget-friendly stack, we also designed to use as many no-code tools as possible. This is why we opted for Webflow over tools like WordPress or Drupal. Most new companies don't have founders with technical expertise, and no-code tools help to minimize expenses and improve efficiency.

What About SEO?

At this stage, most businesses don't have the in-house SEO knowledge to use SEO software. If they do know some SEO, I would recommend using the Google Keyword Planner and chatGPT until the business grows. You can do a pretty good job of optimizing a site with just these tools.