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Data and Analytics

For data and analytics, Matomo offers everything you would find in Google Analytics and more. Matomo offers session replay, A/B testing, and 100% data ownership. If you don't want to mess with a self-hosted installation, you can support the project by purchasing Matomo's cloud option.

Segmentation Tools: CDP & CRM

Next up is Mautic, an open-source customer data platform developed by Acquia. It offers all of the core CDP features you expect to see. Data import, contact unification, Drag-and-drop journey orchestration, email integrations, and more. Mautic is offered in a free, self-hosted version, and paid cloud version.

We chose Odoo for the CRM since it's the only robust open-source CRM we've been able to find. Despite it being one of the only options, it's a great software that's packed with features. Odoo uses the AGPL license but still offers a free cloud-hosted option. Odoo lets you use one of their cloud apps for free and we recommend using their CRM. This is really helpful for marketers that don't want to mess with self-hosting marketing software. 

A challenge with Odoo and Mautic is that neither software offers an integration app for the other. However, there are connectors on Zapier, Make and other platforms to pass data and contacts between the systems.

Content Management Systems

Our three favorite open-source content management systems (from beginner to expert) are WordPress, Drupal, and Strapi. We wanted to narrow things down to one option so we went with Drupal. It provides a good balance of no-code features and data model flexibility.

Open-Source Software for Promotion

Thank god for Mautic. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have any open-source options in the promotion section. And Mautic isn't just a sympathy pick - it's actually good marketing software. Their self-hosted email software is packed with features. If you're not comfortable with self-hosting, you can still support the project and ecosystem by subscribing to the cloud version.

To round out the promotion section, we included our favorite low-cost options for social media management and SEO.